Posted in November 2013

My Journey toward a second ostomy aka, a double bagger

I received the following message on Facebook from Joy Hooper another person passionate about the ostomy community… Joy Hooper Hi Randy, are you documenting your journey towards getting another ostomy? You could show a powerful message with a few photographs. I am passionate about all things ostomy and have just begun working for the Wound … Continue reading

Let’s Change How People Look at Ostomies

Live Your Best Life – A Colon Cancer Alliance Blog Let’s Change How People Look at Ostomies Posted on November 1, 2013 stethescope “My heart is hurt right now. Yesterday on The View, Mario Cantone made a disgusting comment about his pants being so baggy it looked like he had a colostomy bag.” This is … Continue reading

from Cancer to Caring

“Why me, Lord?” That is a question that I ask myself everyday. Why did I have to suffer through treatment for colon cancer and live with the negative side effects? For 27 years, I continue to survive what was said to be a terminal illness and still I wonder, why me? What is the purpose … Continue reading

Highlights from the Cancer Helpline

6 NOVEMBER 2013 NYFD firefighter and son of a 62 year old Mom with Stage 4 CRC with mets to liver and lungs. Oncologist sent her home with no further treatment available. She is in Medicare. Cancer Treatment Centers of America would take her, with $250,000 deposit! Memorial Sloan Kettering would not take her. I … Continue reading