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30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Week 1

Day 7, 30 day gratitude challenge…I am grateful to my medical team: Dr. Hazen, my oncologist Dr. Weil, my surgeon Dr. Koons, my radiation oncologist Dear Doctors and Staff, Thank you for your excellent care, knowledge and skills in healing my body of cancer. Dr. Hazen, thank you for making room in your schedule to … Continue reading

Colon Cam

Colon Cam 22 May, 2012: San Diego, CA: Digestive Disease Week conference: Colon Cancer Alliance booth I did booth duty at the CCA’s booth at the recent DDW conference in San Diego this week. Todd Setter, who heads up the UNDY5000 events at Colon Cancer Alliance, has quite a sense of humor. On the last … Continue reading

My colon almost killed me

I could not believe that a GI nurse who treated patients with chronic bowel disease would be afraid to have her diseased colon removed. Instead she endured 17 surgeries each removing only a portion of the diseased tissue. During those painfilled 15 years her kids played in the bathtub and she did her nursing studies … Continue reading

Marriachis in my colon

I spent the day inside a giant colon today at the colon cancer alliance booth at digestive disease week. Toward the end of the day a marriachi band came strolling by and walked into the giant colon at the booth. They just strolled through and stopped for a photo or two at the end. Interesting … Continue reading

Iowa Groupies

I was invited to speak at the Iowa affiliate of the national WOCN association at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines a couple of weeks ago. The last time I was in Iowa was in the 70’s, calling on Collins Radio. They are still there, it’s now Rockwell/Collins. It was the first time I was being … Continue reading

Randy’s cancer journal

Randy’s cancer journal

Randy’s Journal Entries: Diagnosis to Treatment 3/10/86 5PM: Diagnosis of rectal cancer Feeling lost, afraid, unstable. Dr. Grover recommends removal surgery and colostomy which requires a bag out of my stomach for defecation. Very negative, repulsive idea initially. Easy to tears. Spoke with parents. They are very upset, can’t and won’t believe it. Ate dinner, … Continue reading

Just another active ostomate monday

Typical Monday for this active ostomate. Up at 7am, cereal with fresh berries and soy milk, 32oz of water and a cup of starbucks coffe through the Kuerig. Hey nobody is perfect! Checked the Great Comebacks ostomy support group online community discussion board and CCA CRC connections online forums for anyone giving & needing support. … Continue reading